trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Merry Christmas

Last night, we had Christmas eve dinner with four of our dearest friends and their kids. All of our kids (six total) got to play together, sing songs, and stay up past their bedtime. The adults had a few drinks, a wonderful meal and laughed watching Elf. We got home about 8:30 and Michael and Matthew went to sleep almost immediately after being put in bed.

We had such a wonderful Christmas! My mother, Scott's father, and even for a little while the boys' Godmother, were all present to spend the day. We ate TurDucKen and stuffed merlitons that Scott cooked, rum sweet potatoes and green bean casserole I cooked, corn and cranberry sauce thanks to Boston Market - and then a wonderful pecan pie with vanilla ice cream.

Yes, the boys got spoiled, but this year they have been extremely interested and grateful for all of their presents. The 'big presents' this year were a gameboy advanced for Michael and Scamps the puppy for Matthew.

I got a wonderful Beatles blanket (Sgt. Peppers), a Beatles figurine set (thanks kodakrome, and a Demotivators calendar from Despair, Inc..

Scott really liked his WoW zBoard for gaming, and the Pink Floyd and Guiness pajamas the boys and I got him.

The year was simple, and wonderful. I have the greatest family and it is priceless to see Michael and Matthew playing with their Granddad. We don't see him near enough. He brought pictures of the house after hurricane Katrina, and I think it made the holiday that much more special. He may have lost everything, but he still has everything - a family that loves him.
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