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Last Comic Standing

Oh yeah, someone said something that reminded me of this, so I had to get the rant out. I have been watching Last Comic Standing recently. This show is to determine the best upcoming comic and maybe give their career a boost - TV shows, interviews, guest spots, etc.

Hey - to me, if you already have multiple Comedy Central stand-up specials, appear on TV regularly, tour the country with all of the biggest comedy clubs...why are you on this show???? What kind of a competition is it to put a 15 year veteran who has had an HBO special up against a 17 year old kid who has been doing stand-up for 9 months?

Jim Norton, Kathleen Madigan, Pablo Francisco, etc.

Be content with the fame you have and give someone NEW a shot. As much as I enjoy Pablo F., I had to laugh that he didn't make it through the first round in New York.

TAKE AWAY: Best take away for me from the show was a couple that have young twin boys. The husband was holding one saying how special twins were and you finally have the child of your dreams.

And one for parts :)
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