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I had hoped to have an answer on my knee today, but I don't. I went to visit the orthopedic specialist, they took X-rays, and he watched my leg bone pop out of place. He did some manipulation and saw there is something wrong with the rotation of my left knee. They will have to have an MRI to see the ligaments and cartlidge. Since so many people have shut down operations for the holidays, the earliest we could get was Tuesday morning. I then have to go back out to his office that afternoon. He's calling in another specialist, who he says is one of the top knee guys in Dallas, and they will figure out a plan.

He said he has a feeling he knows what it is going to be, but he wouldn't tell me. He did give me some ideas on what it might be - a torn meniscus or he rambled something about a torn post lateral complex post oblique ligament or something. *shrug* I don't know.

Anyway, I still have to wear the damn brace I hate, and he added a nifty fake wood-grain cane. Fashionable. Anyone got one of those nice carved wood canes I could borrow? :)

More on Tuesday evening, I'm sure.
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