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I might have mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, my leg bones started...popping against one another. You can hear this happening - it's quite loud. Over time, it started hurting quite a bit too, and happening more often. I can make it happen at will if I bend my leg the right way. So, today I went to the doctor to get it looked at.

I showed my doctor my amazing abilities to make my bones loudly snap out of place. His response? 'Oh. That's bad.'

Ummm. You don't want to hear that from your doctor!

Basically, his technical terms were that I had some sort of 'serious instability' in my left knee, and I needed to go to an orthopedic specialist. They will probably MRI the knee to see if a tendon or ligament or something has come undone. Joy. My appointment is on Thursday.

Meanwhile, I have a neat-o knee brace that keeps my leg from bending (I guess if it pops out when you bend it, the solution is not to bend?), and I've been told to stay off of it, ice it, and all that jazz.

In better news, I got FLOAM for the kids to go into their stocking. Can't wait to get that crap all over the house. :) Maybe we can floam the dogs.
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