trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Usually it's the other way around...

Ok, so I put the kids to bed and went to put their toothbrushes
back in the bathroom. I come back into their room and Matthew
is literally climbing the walls. There's a chair rail because
the room used to be a study, and he has found a way to make
himself hover about three feet off the ground in the corner.

Either my cold wasn't completely gone or I'm coming down
with something else, but I did nothing but sweat and shake
today. No matter how cold the house was and even with a fan
directly on me, I still couldn't cool off. I need to get over
it this weekend because I have a budget to do for my group
next week and finances are the WORST. After I get through
my next class (the second part of my finance series) the
rest of my classes in school should be smooth sailing.

Money makes me crazy. I should just have enough that I never
had to keep track of it :)
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