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Uh Oh. I have a feeling that Bruno and Maude might just be Brunette and MadDog. They're still young yet, but it looked like Maude had some bulges that Bruno doesn't. Won't TRULY know until they are about a year.

If Bruno makes it that long!

Maude is a GREAT eater. She fattened up quite quickly, has gained the HUGE gecko tail and gotten quite a bit larger. Bruno...well, he's only slightly larger than when I got him. I have never seen him eat crickets, but the first few days he really chowed down on mealworms. I haven't seen him eat since. He looks really skinny, and I'm afraid he's just not adapting. Leos sometimes stop eating for a while if it is too cold, so I'm going to go tomorrow and get an undertank heater and see if that perks him up. If not, it might be off to the vet.

I'm still fairly timid in handling the leos. I'm scared of catching their tail and having them drop it. They also have this tendency to take a dive off of my hand and back into the cage and I'm scared they are going to get hurt. I worry about putting too much pressure around their head to hold them. *sigh* The way I tried to sex them tonight, instead of getting a hold of them and flipping them over, was to get a clear baking dish and put them in that, then hold them over my head to look at their bellies. I'm sure it was amusing.

I might need to seperate them for a little bit to figure out exactly whether Bruno is eating. They say you might not see them eat, because they are nocturnal. They tell you to make sure they are still pooping. Umm, if they are nocturnal, and you have more than one lizard, how would you know who is going and who isn't?

Yes, I'm concerned with lizard shit and there's something disturbing about that. At least it's concern with SOMETHING. That's been way too lacking lately.

The leos, which are supposed to be much nicer and easier to handle, give me problems. The anoles, which are supposed to be mean, bitey and untamed - well, Frick is my buddy and walks right into my hand. He's definately a he - agressive displays and bright red, large dewlap. I've never seen a dewlap on the other, and Frack is much smaller, so maybe it is a male and female. It would also explain why they don't mind being around each other.
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