trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Merry Christmas

I'm done shopping for the kids (yeah. Right). I bought their 'big gifts' today. Michael is getting a new Gameboy Advanced and Matthew is getting Scamps, the dog that does tricks in response to your voice commands.

I bought Scott's main gift too (don't worry - he already knows what it will be). WHAT A GEEK GIFT!

He's getting the ZBoard Gaming Keyboard along with the World of Warcraft Keyset. I think I'm a WOW widow now. Just wait. :)

Now if I could just figure out what I want for Christmas, we'd be in business.


Did I mention Matthew is going to be a Shepherd in the school play this year? They both get to sing songs, but Matthew actually has a LINE! Only one because he's younger than the rest of the class, but my boy gets to say 'We have heard the good news and have come to see the baby - Son of God'. Whee. Wonder if he'll get it out? :) I've got my new camcorder, so I'm sure there will be footage of the best parts.
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