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Merry Christmas

I'm done shopping for the kids (yeah. Right). I bought their 'big gifts' today. Michael is getting a new Gameboy Advanced and Matthew is getting Scamps, the dog that does tricks in response to your voice commands.

I bought Scott's main gift too (don't worry - he already knows what it will be). WHAT A GEEK GIFT!

He's getting the ZBoard Gaming Keyboard along with the World of Warcraft Keyset. I think I'm a WOW widow now. Just wait. :)

Now if I could just figure out what I want for Christmas, we'd be in business.


Did I mention Matthew is going to be a Shepherd in the school play this year? They both get to sing songs, but Matthew actually has a LINE! Only one because he's younger than the rest of the class, but my boy gets to say 'We have heard the good news and have come to see the baby - Son of God'. Whee. Wonder if he'll get it out? :) I've got my new camcorder, so I'm sure there will be footage of the best parts.


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Dec. 11th, 2005 03:26 am (UTC)
What servers has he been playing on?
Dec. 11th, 2005 05:42 am (UTC)
He mostly plays on Doomhammer. All of his characters start with HWRD - I think the primary is HWRDreborn or something like that.

They go on large scheduled raids every Friday evening, and sometimes during the week. Heck, he's on most nights late *laff*
Dec. 11th, 2005 08:56 am (UTC)
Yay, so cool! Shepherds rock. In our Church play we have all the kids under 12... so that is some 70 kids who need roles. Craig will be a trainee shepherd, he carries the sausage (very important element in the Hungarian folk tradition) and will be in the Hora (the shepherds are Jewish, after all). The twins will be sheep. They have to say baah at different times of the play. That shall be interesting.

Be careful with the gift of WoW. Since one can have more than one character on an account it becomes addictive for the rest of the family as well. I am actually tempted to try it!
Dec. 11th, 2005 02:49 pm (UTC)
You need to video tape their play! I would love to see it.

Dec. 11th, 2005 05:10 pm (UTC)
I'm sure someone will record it! I won'T be able to, as I'll be in the choir. :-D
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