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Off we go...into the wild blue yonder

Joy. Looks like I will be in California more than I expected. I went to check my work email (the major downside of working from home - your hours start blending together into whatever you feel like doing at the, school, life) and found that I have an all-day meeting in Menlo Park on the 29th. I already know that I have to be there the entire week of July 12 - 16.

Maybe there's a chance I can get out of the one day. Going all week isn't as bad, because it doesn't ruin your entire week. Going for one day means travelling the day before, staying overnight, doing the meeting and deciding whether you want to leave on a 7 pm PACIFIC flight and get back in the middle of the night, which means you sleep all day and lose work. OR do you stay the night and leave first thing in the morning, missing work because you are on a place.
What's the difference? The price of a hotel room for that night versus my sanity.

They had better not give me grief over the extra night if they make me go to the meeting :)

On a lighter note, Scott actually went out tonight with a friend!!! If I didn't have to take my mom to the cardiologist in the morning, I would get up with the kids so he could stay out all night and sleep in all day. Since I have to take her, he has to be up by 8:30 to take the kids to summer camp. Sucks to be him, he's going to be hung over *laugh*

On an EVEN lighter note, a friend from my mothers of multiples group who is a Mary Kay rep brought over lots of samples this afternoon. PLAYTIME!
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