trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Blast from the past

How weird!!!! My best friend wrote that she went with a friend to Judge Crater's in downtown Huntsville (my home town) and tending bar was an old great friend of mine, Scott Reisenweber. Dang, I miss talking with him - it's been YEARS. Probably since college. Hopefully, he has an email address she can get for me. It's a really small world! Scott was my prom date my senior year. We met in ROTC summer camp, believe it or not. Since we lived in the same town, our friendship blossomed after our return, despite the fact that he lived in FAR south Huntsville and I was well north.

I hope I get to talk to him soon and see how he's been.

On a more depressing note, I might get to do that in person soon. The mother of one of my dearest friends, Danny, has been battling cancer. We found some time ago that it had entered her brain and other areas. She's been through 4 or more rounds of chemo with no good results. Sunday, she was non-responsive and got put in the hospital. She's awake and doing better, but they aren't sure what the prognosis is. I've talked with Danny a lot, and tried talking to his mom on the phone (she did make some sounds). I pray she gets well enough to go home for Christmas. When she passes, I may try to go home to be there for Danny and help him with everything.
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