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Random picture post

CNN has an online quiz to test how well you know what to do if you are a victim of identity theft. It's sad that I got 100%. I wish I didn't have to know this stuff, but I feel better prepared now that I do.


We did our Christmas lights yesterday, and they look great! We have a tradition of buying one major piece each year to add to the yard or house. This year, it was the candy cane arch.

We are fortunate enough to have a fairly big landing on our stairs. It's good with kids, especially when they were smaller, to be able to set up the tree on the landing and out of the way.

And here are the lights outside:


Yesterday was 'shed day' at our place. Frick (one of the green anoles - the other is Frack) shed within about an hour. Later that night, Bruno, the male leopard gecko (the female is Maude) started shedding.

First, let's get my sweet Maude out of the way:

Finally, the progression of the shed. I kept the head, which is a perfect replica of Bruno's face, in a ziplock bag so the boys could see it.

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