trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Life update

I haven't been posting much lately. I have no motivation AT ALL. Yesterday was psych day. Doc said that I've just been on the therapeutic dose for just over a week, and we've already seen such improvement in my anxiety levels - I should see more improvement after being on the full dose for at least three weeks. I go back in four weeks and we'll see if I need an increase.

While my anxiety and irratability has decreased, I have lost all motivation. I just can't get myself to do anything. I want to just sit around and do nothing. I can't focus on anything for very long. I can't get excited about anything - not even Christmas. My mom and Scott keep asking what I want for Christmas and I can't think of a thing. We set up the Christmas lights and trimmed the tree on Sunday. I didn't enjoy it. I'm postponing work, even easy work. I promised my best friend I would do some research for her on setting up a commerce web site, and I can't bring myself to do it.

To top it off, my back has been hurting the last few days, so I'm spending a lot of time on a heating pad.

Even though I'm bitching, I'll take lack of motivation over the psychotic episodes I was having. I'm now sleeping. I don't snap at people. I don't feel like my world is collapsing. It's all going to get better - it just takes time.

Doesn't mean I can't still bitch about it :)
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