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Holiday cheer

Big turkey with stuffing. Homemade cranberry sauce. Rum sweet potatoes (my specialty). Green Bean casserole. Rolls.

Cleaned the house. Cleaned the lizard habitat. Did the dishes. Put up some of the toys.

Mom will be here. jillions and Brian are stopping by. genebob is invited if he can make it up this way.

I'm ready - so why do I so NOT feel like Thanksgiving?


Nov. 24th, 2005 05:20 am (UTC)
So very.

I might take photos. If I remember. I think I'll skip the 7:00 am 'pull the innards out of the bird, stuff the damn thing, throw it in the oven, crawl back into bed' shot.

Of course, when the kids see me up at 7 am, the chances of them letting me go back to bed are somewhere between slim and none as well.