trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


Gotta get crickets today. Little porkers ate them all, plus some mealworms for a snack. I tried doing some online ordering with Fluker's for live crickets and mealworms, so we'll see how their live delivery rate and size work. They take paypal for onetime payments (yay!), but don't for repeat delivery (boo!). If they work well, I might set up regular delivery, so each week I get a specific amount of crickets and don't have to worry about going to buy food for the little guys.

Things are working well as the anoles are diurnal, and the geckos are nocturnal. When I put a batch of crickets in, the anoles took a flying LEAP down from their tree limbs to munch. Once I turned the day light off, the anoles climbed into the leaves and the geckos came out to get on their warming rock. They went back under the tree when the light came on this morning. I need to get a red light to keep on after the day light gets turned off so we can see the geckos better.


I think I'm catching whatever Michael and my mother have. I woke up stopped up with a sore throat. Bah. Hopefully, I'll kick it quick.


Today is the Iron Bowl! GO TIGERS!!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!! 2:30 today. You know where I'll be, and that it's TIVO'd.
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