trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


Scott had some problems with a tank being out of balance and way too small for some of the fish in it. He had a 20 hex, but this ANCIENT fish we had (we call him 'Fat Tony') got way too big. He could only swim around in circles. Because the size of the fish was too much for the tank, we couldn't keep up with them and the tank was always gross - even with weekly water changes and cleanings.

So, Scott went out and got a new tank this week - a 55 gallon long tank, with a nice stand. We've spent the week setting up and just moved the fish to the new tank this morning.

The good news? He is cleaning out the hex tank so I can get some lizards of some kind. I haven't had reptiles since college, and I look forward to turning it into a nice herp tank.

Now I get to figure out which kind of lizard I want.
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