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New digital camera!

New Digital Camera!


I'm so excited. After about four years with my old Sony cybershot, I finally upgraded today. Wolf Camera had a great sale, so it was one of the cheapest prices I found (beat only by NewEgg.com), with lots of extras. There is a digital camera starter kit (which I have to pick up later, and we THINK contains a camera case, additional batteries, and other stuff) and a pack of extras. The extras include a sample pack of photo paper, coupons for basic, advanced and hands-on courses, free digital editing software, coupons for other software packages, coupons for batteries and other goodies.

I've been taking video of the kids all day and playing with the settings. It's great, in that it takes video with sound, and will take a video for as long as your media will hold - so if you have a big card, you can take several minutes of video.

LOVE IT! Watch me become even more dangerous around town with my camera.
It's now smaller, faster and higher quality!