trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


Remember the great husband? The one with the plans for this weekend?

He called earlier on his way home from work, asking if I wanted him to pick up dinner on the way home and then watch a movie with him after the kids went to bed. Then he called saying he'd be an hour later, took longer than he thought. He brought home a GREAT dinner (Boca de Beppo).

That's as far as the night kept going good. His foot is so bad (he has gout) that he could hardly walk. He was upset, feeling sick, and only slept a few hours last night because of the pain. After bringing home several movies (The latest Office Space release, a Star Wars, a Star Trek, a Family Guy Stewie special), he didn't eat anything, went over to the couch and is now leaned over snoring loudly.

Whee. On my own again, and I don't have World of Warcraft to blame for this one.

(I really do hope he gets some relief for his foot soon)
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