trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Are you sure it's Tuesday?

Trick or treating went well last night. We had so many trick or treaters that we ran out of Burger King coupons. We had to dip into the kids 'good boy' Dum-Dums stash. Michael and Matthew had a great time and filled their pumpkins. I searched through the candy and then let them pick out one thing each before bed.

After putting them to bed, I ate four pieces.

That's right - I pigged on my kids candy and ate more than I let them eat. Combined.


Tomorrow is 'errands day' - Psychiatrist appointment, so I hope I get help with my anxiety and can sleep more than 4 or 5 nights a week. Mammogram, doing my part as a 'high risker'. Bite Guard fitting, which ought to be an ABSOLUTE JOY. I have this vision of myself returning to childhood where I wore a retainer for a while and lisped because of it.


My kids are still in their costumes. They came home from school (PICTURE DAY!) and immediately dressed up as Batman and Spiderman again.


Finally, small world 101. People turn up in the darndest places. I posted in tmbg with some pictures and video I found from a concert in Dallas last year. A guy posts his pictures from the same concert (July 2004). Later on, the guy posts saying he was (his words, not mine): "You might not remember me since it was only for a short time, but I was your underling at SMI a few years back."

thatdog is my former intern, Justin!!!!

How cool is that? I knew he was also a TMBG fan, and since he was my intern I obviously knew he was a computer geek, but never thought of running into him here.


Oh! Not so finally. Dear hubby has told me to take Friday off of work. He says I will have nothing to do but rest and relax. We'll take the kids to school and he has arranged for my mom to pick them up. He hasn't told me what we're doing. I said something yesterday about how I wanted to take him to Nordstrom Rack to get him some big, comfy shoes for when his foot is acting up and swollen, and he said that was nice, but they won't have a Rack where I'll be.

Umm. What? Are we going away for the weekend? Or is it another tease so I don't know what the surprise is?

I can't wait. I NEED the relaxation SO MUCH.

Have I mentioned I married the best man in the world? For as stubborn as he is, and as much as he keeps his emotions and thoughts to himself, he is truly caring, thoughtful and loving. I wouldn't trade him for the world.
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