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I took mom around to see some senior living communities this morning. I think we found some great places fairly near here, and she got put on the waiting list for apartments. Her doctor doesn't want her to live alone anymore, and this will be a good place for her. The people were friendly, they have lots of activities, and one place even has a 50 seat theater where they show first-run movies twice a day. The rent is close to what she is paying now. Afterwards, we went to see the dog costume contest at Petco, and ate dinner at Mimi's.

Shortly after getting home, we had to put the kids in their costumes (again) and go to the neighborhood sports courts for our Halloween party. They got lots of candy at the Fall Fest for school last night, and the neighborhood one wasn't that much different. They played games, got candy no matter how well they played, and then did a cupcake walk. Michael got one with yellow frosting, and he promptly got it smeared across his black Batman mask. I grabbed both cupcakes and told them they could have them when we got home. So they wanted to leave. We were there maybe 15 minutes total. *sigh* I had this vision of a nice hour out, and had even taken both of the dogs with us. Pepper was the greatest, and still heels nicely. Barqs, on the other hand, was so excited to be out and see everyone that she was bouncy. Not really bad, but

We're back home, the costumes are cleaned up, and we're watching 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown'. Tonight, hair cuts. Tomorrow, pumpkin carving.
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