trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Picture post

Tonight was the Fall Festival at Michael and Matthew's school. They got to wear their costumes, play games, eat candy and run around crazy - so they had a BLAST. Since I took some pictures of them in their costumes, I wanted to post those, along with some others that were on the camera.

They are the cutest damn things around. (Michael is Batman, Matthew is Spiderman)

Here is an image of total brother love. I can't believe how skinny MATTHEW has become. I mean, he was always our chunky monkey and now he's thinner than Michael the rail.

Erika, the boys former nanny, came by a few weekends ago with her two kids. First is Bryan, the youngest, and then Erick, who Michael and Matthew spent most of their first two years with. They are like brothers.

Finally, the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Matthew had been pretending to be a ninja all day, running around with a black sweatband on his head. He slept that night in just his underwear and the headband. I found the boys laid out on their little couch in the funniest tangle of bodies.

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