trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

How to wear out a four year old

...and get your van washed at the same time.

The boys and I spent about an hour or so washing my van today. They ran around, battled with soapy rags, sprayed each other, and occasionally touched the car with soap. Meanwhile, I washed the whole car. :) When we were done, we came inside absolutely FILTHY. We were black from the tires and bottom of the car, and soap was in everyone's hair. We had asked Scott to come down and help us shower (it's easier if I get in and wash the kids, then send them out one at a time to get dried). He was doing some sort of raid on World of Warcraft and never came down, so I did it myself. (Grrr). He also made Michael mad because when he went up to show his daddy his tongue tattoo (Trix Yogurt has them), he got yelled at to get out of his office. I went up to find out what happened and why Michael was upset, and Scott was on the phone with his sales rep. He said Michael came up spitting on him, so he told him to get out. They'll get it worked out when Scott gets off the phone, I hope.

Tonight, we'll get to spend time together though. We're going to the pet store to get some fish chemicals and new collars for the dogs. Then we're going to eat out at Chili's.

I'm just in a very BLAH mood. I worked out last night, and I hope to do the same tonight, but DAMN I just feel like sitting here on the couch with a heating pad on my back, possibly sleeping, definately taking a muscle relaxant or something of that nature. I have to get myself jazzed up for the Fair tomorrow. My only appointment tomorrow is therapy in the morning, then the fair. I hope therapy brings me up instead of down. We'll see.

OH! Maybe instead of taking something for my back, I'll just drink HEAVILY when we're at Chili's!!! YAY! (Wait, is there something WRONG with that?)

NOTE: BTW - I love this particular icon. When Nancy and I went to Orlando (I think that was the trip. It was either the Orlando trip or the Panama City trip, but I think it was Orlando), we took a CB radio with us. We had been talking to this one trucker and realized he was pretty near us. We pulled over at a WELL LIT and QUITE BUSY truck stop for a bio break and to say hi. We were like 17 and 18 at the time. Anyway, the trucker, as we were pulling out actually MOONED us while driving. There is nothing like seeing a big 18 wheeler next to you on the road with a big hairy ass hanging out the window. *laugh*
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