trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Reset, please!

Can we start the day over? Why doesn't life have a reset button?

This morning, I get up with the kids, ready for a great Friday. We have breakfast and everybody is in a great mood. Michael wanted to practice his roller skating, so we got the skates on. He has been doing great lately, catching up with Matthew who seemed to get roller skating right off. Michael wanted me to help him across the kitchen tile into the living room because the tile is really slippery, so I did. I was holding his hand and walking beside him when his feet flew out from under him and one of the skates rolled right over the top of my foot. It's all bruised and lovely looking - but that's life with little boys. You get bruised.

A few minutes later, I hear Matthew yelling at me from the bathroom. He had gone, and wiped himself really clean. Do you know how much toilet paper a four year old uses to get himself 'really clean'? Needless to say, when he tried to flush, the bathroom became flooded with about a 1/4 inch of water. I grabbed the plunger, but OF COURSE that one doesn't 'fit' that toilet. It just made the water splash up in a big plume when you plunge. I screamed, I started throwing everything into the tub to clear the floor, ran to get a TON of towels, and tried to get it sopped up. 15 towels later, wet carpets and rugs, and a little less sane, the bathroom is cleaned up. We've got a box fan running to try to dry things out a bit more.

This made us run a bit late for school. I grabbed some hunks of the pumpkin cheescake squares the boys and I baked last night as a peace offering for the teachers and shoved them into the car. We got there ok, although the boys were being a bit slow. They don't understand 'late'.

I came home and thought I would relax with a little music. Popped my iPod into its dock, and a window I had never seen before popped up. It sat there for a minute then told me that my iPod had been updated with new firmware. It needed to be attached to an external power source to complete the action and that ALL OF MY SONGS WOULD BE WIPED FROM THE DRIVE!!! This wouldn't be a problem, except that most of my downloads were on my laptop, which is dead. The iPod wouldn't respond at all, just had a symbol up telling me to attach to an external power source. I bit the bullet and did it, just fuming that I would be losing everything. It popped up the apple, and a progress bar ran across the screen. When it was done, I turned it back on and...all of my music was still there!!! YAY!

Of course, now my computer doesn't recognize my iPod at all. When you attach it, it pops up a window saying 'Apple iPod' Unrecognized format - do you want it to be handled using RealPlayer, or take no action. iTunes doesn't see the iPod.

PLEASE!!!! Can we start over?
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