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We had a great time last night at the party!!!

We went to pick up Angela and her husband, and while there Ang and I tried on our Batman and Robin costumes for this week's Bunco. I'm Batman, and the costume looks neat. It's as close to ripped abs as I will ever get :)

The party was pretty good sized, with some new neighbors that we didn't know. This expanded the group of people we know, so it was a good thing. We started drinking pretty heavily, which led to much laughing and dancing.

I believe at one point I agreed to go to one of the self-defence courses that Ang's husband teaches, and he'll go take a dance class with me. He's like a foot shorter than me, but always makes me laugh (when I'm not shaking my head in disbelief at his behavior!). It should prove to be a LOT of fun if we actually do the dance class, and as for the self-defence class? Anytime you get to beat the living shit out of a friend wearing full padding, it's a great destresser.

We actually made it past midnight!!!! We made it until 3:30 am!!!! Came home 'this morning' with the room spinning, then had to get up with the kids at 7:30. That SUCKED!!!! I fed them - well, actually I think I almost threw pancakes at them with their milk and oranges - gave them the remote, and I promptly went back to sleep on the couch. I was still drunk, I think. BAD MOMMY!

Either way, a great time was had by all, and we got to see lots of people we enjoy. We also made a connection with a couple (I had spoken to the wife a couple of times) who live a few houses down from us, are about our age, and have a six year old daughter and a son Michael and Matthew's age.

Off to get Boston Market for dinner!


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Oct. 10th, 2005 04:41 pm (UTC)
Uhm, after a party my 6-year-old wiould be feeding the twins... with leftovers!

You area good mommy! I'm gla doyu had fun!
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