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Like the man said, McWhen?

genebob and I were talking today and he asked an odd question - Do you remember the first time you saw a McDonald's? I mean REALLY the first time? We both determined that McDonald's has just always...BEEN. We don't remember it appearing, although it had to have at some point. Do any of you remember when you first saw a McDonald's?

On another note, it's been one of those disappointing nights. At least the kids have been really good. I've had a stressful week at work, and today was driven to the point of contacting someone's boss and boss' boss to discuss their annoying attacks on people. Valid points, lousy way to present them. This person has pissed off no FEWER than 5 people in three different organizations in the last three days, and it has to stop. It's becoming a time suck, an energy suck and increasing my stress. I'm just not the kind of person to ignore that if there is a way to improve it. He hasn't taken our messages in, obviously, so I'm going over him to get his managers to help before someone sends him a pipe bomb. If we provide the feedback in a nice way, get it through how the message is good but the presentation puts people on the defensive, and he STILL doesn't improve... well, then I've given it my all and can write him off and send his emails straight to the trash.

Today after work, I knew I needed a drink (actually, I think I begged a coworker for one via IM around 3:30). Scott and the kids hopped in the van with me and we went for Thai food. The boys LOVE IT! I had my mind set on a nice mixed drink, since it was Happy Hour, and this dish they have called Snapper Chilies. It is snapper, baked with a VERY hot chili sauce, with a chili dipping sauce, asparagus and rice. First, I ordered a Mojito. Idiot. A mojito? In a THAI place? It was undrinkable. I sent it back and got a Mai Tai - much better! Then I left Scott to place the order while I took the kids to the bathroom. He remembered I wanted fish, and that the word Chili was in there somewhere and ordered me a Chilean Sea Bass. This has to be the blandest dish they serve. It tasted like it had no spice, was on a bed of mango risotto (I don't like mango), with a mango sauce. I ate the fish, but was disappointed (even though it was good fish) because my taste buds had been primed for major spice! Since it was our mistake, not the restaurant, I wasn't about to send it back. At least we had a good desert. Went to Marble Slab for ice cream! Michael had bubble gum with gummy bears mixed in, Matthew had birthday cake with gummy bears mixed in, and I had coconut with pineapple mixed in. Scott...Mr. Atkins had nothing. Just watched us and then dug into his sugar free candy stash when he got home :) That's dedication I just wouldn't have had. He makes me so proud. And he's looking hotter day by day!

Now I'm downstairs watching shows by myself, since he had promised someone something tonight. My assumption is that it is on World of Warcraft, so he'll be up playing video games all night. Oh well. Time to relax, I suppose. Maybe I'll get off my ass and take a hot bath in the jacuzzi.

OH! Tomorrow night is Colleen's 'adult only' housewarming at the new abode. YAY! They are doing this instead of a New Year's party. I can't wait! Drink, drink, dance, have a great time, and stay out as late as we want, without worrying about the kids. Only downside is now that they don't live next door, we have to drive all the way home in the morning. :(

I am going to sub on Wednesday night for Bunco again at Ang's request. It's the Halloween night, so everyone will dress up. We're trying to come up with a cool, easy to make ourselves 'pair' costume. We've thought of martini glass and shaker, Batman and Robin (they already have those costumes, but not very 'cool'), or a pair of dice (it IS Bunco, after all!).

Anybody have any great ideas for easy 'matching' costumes? It doesn't have to be clean *laugh* (That's Ang and I in the icon, btw)


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Oct. 8th, 2005 01:44 am (UTC)
The funniest costume I ever saw for a couple...

They went as the cover of a Harlequin Romance Novel. They had big piece of cardboard painted white with a heart shape cut out of it. They had a title etc. Way too funny.

I play bunco too, going to have to miss it this month b/c of Mason's birthday.
Oct. 8th, 2005 01:58 am (UTC)
Something about the idea of two girls playing like a Romance Novel...well, not exactly Harlequin *laugh* More like the 'novels' you hide in the nightstand.

I have found some really funny male/female ones. Saw a great 'plug and outlet' costume that actually fit together.
Oct. 8th, 2005 06:30 am (UTC)
Anybody have any great ideas for easy 'matching' costumes? It doesn't have to be clean *laugh*

Terrance and Philip from South Park
any pair of celebrity sisters
any pair of fictional friends (Laverne and Shirley, Mary and Rhoda, etc.)
naughty/dead/whatever beauty pageant contestants

Hmm. I'm usually better at this. I'm going to eat some ice cream and think some more.
Oct. 8th, 2005 12:37 pm (UTC)
I was talking about that with some people the other day (around the time when I had my Dick Van Dyke bet.

They all remember it was around 1989/1990 when the first McD opened in Hungary, in Budapest, on Régiposta Utca.
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