trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Building relationships

After spending some time documenting how much my mother ANNOYS me, today shows me that there is still a bond there. My mother came in today from her visit with an orthopedic surgeon. She needs BOTH knees replaced. She'll spend 4 days in the hospital. Since she lives alone, she'll need to live at the rehab center for 4-6 weeks. While she could have one done, then the other, and have a bit more mobility, we are leaning towards (and the doctor recommended) just getting them both done and getting it over with. I'll push her in a damn wheelchair for a while if I need to.

Here was the order of my thoughts:

1) Oh God! That's pretty major surgery. Oh no!

2) There goes our free babysitter! What are we going to do about childcare for a few months? (Should I feel bad that was my second thought?)

3) Like hell she'll live 1-2 months in the rehab facility. She'll go there a couple of weeks then come live with us. We can set up a twin bed in the formal living room so she doesn't have to walk the stairs, and she'll live with us.

4) I need to get her on the phone with my mother-in-law, because she just had a knee replaced a couple of months ago.

We don't know when she'll have the surgery, but I'm pushing her to go ahead and get it over with. However, I told her she's going to have to make a decision for herself. I'm not going to make one for her this time. She did her submissive thing and wanted me to tell her when it was most convenient for ME for her to have surgery. That I should just pick a date and that's when she'll have it. Told her nope, I can't make medical decisions like that for her - it's her life, and we'll build our schedules around what SHE needs to get better.

(And YES, I feel really bad that my second thought was about ME!)
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