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Shrink me

I'm actually going to start therapy in the morning. I finally got off my ass and called my Employee Assistance Program. They referred both a psychologist and a psychiatrist, but I'm starting with the psychologist. They'll see you quicker :) Anyway, 8 visits are free, then just a $10 copay after that. If they can do something to lessen my stress, lengthen my short fuse, make me stop boiling over inside over the slightest things, and feel some joy again in life, it will be worth it. If they can lessen the stress, which lessens the cortisol, which allows my body to absorb and create more progesterone, we'll have a winner.


Oct. 4th, 2005 09:17 pm (UTC)
There is a bit of a history here, and I do know plenty of cognitive therapies to help with control of stressful situations or high anxiety in a situation. I have a hormonal imbalance, which we are trying to treat through supplementation. The swings with the hormones take me by surprise, and is more of a SNAP change in the mood than any natural progression. I don't have anger, but more of going from happy to frustrated to sad to happy within moments, with no warning. What I am seeing as 'temper' is relative to me. It's not anger, but more impatience with the world in general.

The purpose of the therapy is twofold, and not necessarily for me to help stop something, when it is medically caused and without warning:

- Learn to cope with the aftereffects, and lessen the damage from when it does occur (for instance, how to explain to a four year old why mommy was playing happily or making dinner, then suddenly yelled at them, then was back to normal)

- Approaching the hormone imbalance from the other direction. I have next to no progesterone, which makes me 'estrogen dominant' and causes many of the things I'm experiencing. We are trying to get the balance of hormones back into place with supplements. The normal stress in my life (unavoidable), even though I have good coping skills with the effects of the stress, still produces cortisol. One of the side effects of cortisol is a lowering of progesterone production. We will be looking at medical therapies to address cortisol production, so my body has the opportunity to pick back up on progesterone production.