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I got this 'hair-brained' idea last night that I would try waxing my legs, since I hate shaving so much. I have to shave my legs every 1 or 2 days or they become unbearable. Since waxing is supposed to last longer, I thought I would give it a try. Pulling the hair out along with the root bulb CAN last anywhere from 4-8 weeks (so we're told).

Being the obsessive person I am, I spent some time last night reading reviews on about the different methods of waxing. I didn't even try the creams, because I did that once a few weeks before our wedding and ended up at the ER. We won't talk about that. I couldn't walk. I read all of the reviews, and saw that there were two types that people said worked well: cold wax strips and microwavable hot wax.

I went about this as if it were research. This morning, the boys and I went to Walgreen's and I picked up three options: Nair Lasting Effects Hair Remover (cold wax strips), Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit (cold wax strips), and Salle Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Hair Removal Kit (microwavable wax with cloth strips). The two cold wax strips are the kind with two strips of clear plastic, and wax in between. You rub them between your hands to heat the wax, pull them apart, and put them on your legs in the direction of the hair growth (down). Rub it down, pull your skin taut, and then RIP the strips upward, not outward, to pull out the hair. For the microwavable wax, you put the jar in the microwave, stir it, then apply it with a wooden spatula in the direction of hair growth. Then you cover with the cloth strip, rub down for a few times, then RIP it upward, not outward, to pull out the hair.

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit:
- I tried this because it is what I use for those times I actually remember to do my brows. Works well there, so I thought it might for my legs. No dice. It was hard to get such a large strip warm enough by rubbing between your hands, and it only pulled off a few hairs. I think I now have enough of these to do my eyebrows for the rest of my life.

Nair Lasting Effects Hair Remover:
- I tried one of these strips on another location on my legs. It worked much better than the Sally Hansen cold wax strips, and seemed to be much thicker on the wax than SH. The first pull removed maybe 20 hairs, but still not that much overall. I think this might work, but more as a spot solution than to do the whole legs the first time. It would take multiple passes on the same area to get all of the hair.

Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Hair Removal Kit:
- We have a clear winner, but a pain to use. This had a pleasant smell, was easy to melt, didn't get too hot, spread on easily, and when you ripped the cloth up, it was COATED in hair. I had to go over most spots twice, but it got most of the hair. When I finished, you can still feel some hair there, but it is the much shorter, finer, blond hair - not the long, dark, coarse hair. So my legs LOOK smooth, and they feel sort of smooth. It's like when you shave in the morning and how your legs feel that night or the next morning. Only downside was the cleanup. This stuff gets EVERYWHERE and is really hard to clean up. It was all over my hands, my legs, the jar, even a spot on my clothes that I don't think will ever come out. The kit comes with the small jar of Azulene finishing oil, which cleans off the wax and leaves your skin smooth. I had to use half the bottle, though, with lots of scrubbing. The red dots that were all over my legs from where hair was ripped out by the bulb have gone away now, a few hours post waxing.

There is a definite difference in the two processes, and if you can put up with the mess, the hot wax works MUCH better. Because there is still some hair left, I think that I'll wait a week or so for it to grow out (if it does) and try spot removal. My hope is that if I can even get 3 weeks smooth out of this stuff, it's worth it. I would much rather spend 2-3 hours waxing one night or weekend versus shaving every day and dealing with stubble in between. The only hard part is letting your hair grow out long enough to wax again!

You live and learn. Now back to your regularly scheduled life.
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