trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Fear me

I don't know what to do about the infection monster, aka Matthew. It's getting to be 'that time of year' again - infection time. When you have a child with a weak immune system, you start to breathe a sigh of relief around April/May because there aren't so many chances for infections. Around September, you tense up. We seem to have started up again. Last month, Matthew had an infection that they first thought was strep, but lab tests showed it wasn't. What was it? We don't know! It just high fever, swollen infected tonsils, general bad feelings and responded to 10 days of antibiotics (we think). He's been off the antibiotics since...THURSDAY. The doctors noticed, AGAIN, how big his tonsils are. When you have him open his mouth, you see the uvula and to either side two BIG tonsils. You can't really see the darkness of his throat. Nothing but pink. We've been fighting off getting his tonsils removed since he was 18 months. We keep hoping he'll 'grow into them' and we don't want yet another surgery unless we absolutely HAVE TO.

He's the only child I know that can get one infection while actively fighting off another. Antibiotics don't seem to keep him from getting another infection, nor do they completely get rid of some of them at times.

Starting about a week ago, the child who had been completely dry for some time started having nighttime accidents. He's also been more insistent about going during the day. It's like it sneaks up on him, but he hasn't had any accidents during the day. Four times now, during the night, he has wet the bed. It upsets him to NO END. We want to put him in pullups until it is back under control, but he associates pullups with babies and thinks that means he isn't a big boy anymore. I hope to avoid it, but I'm also tired of the 3 am bed changing. Especially when he sleeps in the top bunk. I got up last night to take him to the potty, and he went. He still had an accident before getting up at 7.

I was sitting next to him watching TV a few minutes ago, and I realized he felt warm. I took his temp and it was 99.5. Usually, I wouldn't treat a 99.5, but I did it almost as a knee jerk reaction. I gave him some motrin, but started the thoughts in my head - OH NO! Maybe the infection monster is back.

If he has one more accident, or the fever persists, I'm taking him back to the doctor to see if maybe there is a medical reason for the accidents. I'm also pushing up his immunologist visit, which is currently scheduled for December.
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