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Our weekend is very relaxed, since I was out of town most of the week. I went in for physical therapy on Friday afternoon, and I believe Phillip ("The King of Pain") will be releasing me next week. I only have to go two days next week and I might be on my own. YAY!!!

Oh, I found somewhere locally to get black pearl drinks (bubble drinks) - Fat Straws does amazing bubble driniks - tea, cream and sugar with pearls, smoothies with pearls, flavored milk with pearls, lattes with pearls. YUM. absolute_lethe, I blame YOU for this new addiction :)

We also took Michael and Matthew in for their three year checkups on Friday. The doc agreed that it sounds like Matthew might have exercise induced asthma. He doesn't wheeze, he just gets to coughing and just keeps coughing. Sometimes he makes himself sick with the coughing. Doc prescribed Albuterol and a mask, since he can't use the inhaler yet. We've got an appointment in a couple of weeks with a Peds Pulmonologist to confirm or rule out asthma. I hope, for his sake, that it isn't, but we'll deal with whatever we're dealt.

Today has been nothing but schoolwork and lounging. I'm trying to complete several finance class assignments by Monday and they are giving me quite a problem. I cleaned up the backyard and we spent the morning running around, playing with the dogs and reading.

Oh yeah - and also laying around with a cold bear on my face. Matthew, Michael and I were having a pillow fight in the living room, which turns into a tickle-fest on the floor. A small pillow fell on my face, and Michael fell on top of me. His knee went RIGHT into my eye socket. As he always says...'OWIE! OWIE!'. I'm waiting to see if I end up with a black eye.

It feels so good to not really do anything for the weekend. Life is too hectic - mostly my choice, but still hectic - and time to just goof off with the family is precious.
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