trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Baby, it's cold outside

What HAPPENED? It is freaking beautiful outside! Yesterday it was like 100 degrees and today it was around 60 when I went out. Amazing. It did get me off my ass on the fact that my boys don't have coats or jackets that fit them anymore. I did a Wally World run to get cheap ones. They both now have mid-thickness 'cold weather' coats, and simple zip-up sweat-jackets with hoods. I got them stocking caps (only 88 cents!) for those handful of really cold days we have here. I also bought one pair of long pajamas for each of them.

One buy they will be super happy about was an afterthought. They now own black headbands so they can be ninjas. :) They were running around this morning holding the pedal straps from my bike across their forheads to play ninja, so this purchase will make a timely 'gift'.

Oh! Also got two t-shirts (for momma, not the boys) - one is the Tootsie Pop Owl "How Many licks does it take?" and the other just says 'Let me drop everything to take care of your problem'. Why does the men's section have all of the cool t-shirts?

I so much want to bring Tina here to visit now. I just can't find a cheap flight yet. Hopefully soon.

Off to do way too many conference calls, yet again - of course, only four hours of them today! Then at 6, it is German fare at the Bavarian Grill with the boys, Aunt Jill and Jacquie, Gene, and my husband if he gets back from OKC in time. YUMMY!!! I can't wait!
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