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Sucks to be old

I really am falling apart. I thought exercise was supposed to HELP you! When I started with the recumbent exercise bike, I went a bit overboard. After a couple of weeks, I had pulled the tendon in the arch of my foot, connected to the heel. At least, that's what we assume happened. I did a six day steriod pack and have been feeling much better. The other night, I started out slowly again - I only did about 15 minutes one night, skipped the next, then did 15 minutes last night. I also played 'basketball' with the kids in the foyer, where I did a lot of squats and jumps showing off (Yes, I'm 6'2" and played basketball. It's cliche. Now STFU.).

Last night, I realized that I had pulled or torn a muscle in my calf. You can actually see the spot in my calf where it sinks in a bit. It hurts when I stretch that calf muscle at all, but otherwise isn't that bad. I've got ice on it today.

I guess I just need to take a couple of weeks off to heal up and then start back in REALLY slowly.

What sucks is that I had myself half convinced to check out dance studios. I want to take a dance class, but I'm hesitant because of my age and looking like an absolute spastic middle-aged white woman. I used to love going swing dancing with Mike (just a friend) before the kids were born. I wish we still had FunEd around here! That was one way to take classes like that with other adults, many of whom were doing it on a lark just like you. I want to learn ballroom and some sort of modern dance. Just for the health and fun of it.