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To those distant friends...

I wanted to cry tonight. This weekend, my best friend called from Huntsville to see if we were ok from hurricane Rita, but I missed the call. Tonight, I called her back as soon as the kids went to bed. I haven't talked to Tina in a few months, but it always seems like no time has passed. We talked for about an hour and a half.

She's my best friend. She pisses me off. I hurt for her. She makes me laugh. She is probably one of the few people in this world who really KNOWS me. We can be totally honest with one another. We don't talk often enough.

She's been out of work for some time now, and really doesn't have any money. I so much want to bring her here to visit for a weekend. She has the time, I just need to find the money. I so much want to see her. We went on such divergent paths, but I would still do anything for her. Anything she needed, and I would be there.

Anyway, what made me cry? Out of the blue, she tells me she's been writing poetry again and actually submitted some things online. She said one of the poems she submitted is actually about me, and is dedicated to me. It's about best friends for life and she read it to me. I've never thought T would do something that showed she thought of me like that. I've asked her to send me some of her poetry, along with that one, and I'll share it if she's ok with that.

I'm going to go reminisce how and wish that she lived closer to me.