trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The Wrong Amendment

I just got an email from American Airlines wanting to give me their side on the issue of the Wright Amendment. Now, American is my preferred airline, but even I couldn't see their point of view.

For those of you not from the DFW area, back in 60's, the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex got together and decided to build a centrally located airport. Everyone agreed that was a good thing, and that all other regional airports would be shut down. This agreement happened in 1970, which was BEFORE Southwest started flying. When DFW airport opened in 1974, Southwest had begun flying...out of Love Field in Dallas, a regional airport. The great Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, signed an agreement called the Wright Amendment to allow them to continue doing business out of Love Field, as sort of a 'regional provider'. At first the agreement was just to fly within TX, but then expanded only to states in the immediate area. Herb agreed to that as long as he was in charge of the airline.

Guess what? Herb's not in charge anymore. People are trying to get the Wright Amendment repealed and American (mostly) is up in arms about it.

What is so different about DALLAS that they think DFW airport can't survive with a little competition? There isn't another area, that I know of, where regional airports were shut down so there would be no competition.

But let's get to American's argument for why we should vote AGAINST repeal of the Wright Amendment. They say that Southwest is more than welcome to fly out of DFW at any time they want, but if they insist on flying out of Love Field and the Wright Amendment is repealed, there will be DIRE consequences. What are those horrible consequences? Basically threats. See, if we people don't support their non-compete clause (which is how I view it), then they will have NO CHOICE but to move some of their flights to Love Field to compete with Southwest. This will have a negative impact on American Airline customers because there will be fewer flights out of DFW Airport, and thus fewer connecting flights possible. They stated several times in the email that they would have NO CHOICE and be FORCED to move some of their flights to Love Field.

Ok, maybe it's just me...but...why? WHY? Why would you have no choice but to move flights to Love Field? Why couldn't you stay at DFW and Southwest stay at Love and compete on that basis? Maybe I'm missing something, but American seems to have an advantage not because of LOCATION but but because of where they can fly to.

Like I said, maybe it's just me.
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