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We're back to the old schedule. Scott just left for 3, possibly 4, nights away on business. It sucks after having a couple of really great days together, but there is nothing I can do about it. The house is fairly clean, so I'll be able to relax while he is gone. Maybe it will mean I'll actually work out in the evenings instead of just bumming around. I need to load up the car with a bunch of stuff and make a dump run. We have a broken chair, broken box springs, old chair covers from the back yard, and several boxes that need to go. Maybe I can get to that this week.

We had a really slow weekend. I think all that happened yesterday is I went to the grocery store because we were out of milk and bread, and Scott and I watched Hitchhiker's Guide. I found it very...blah. They just couldn't do it justice. It was funny, and I think the kids might even enjoy it, but as a film representation of the novels? Nope. Today, I slept in a bit since Scott will be gone this week. I showered, napped a bit on the couch, drug my sorry ass up to take the kids across to the park, came back, napped on the couch, bathed the boys, and I just cooked spaghetti and made garlic bread for the boys.

They are such great kids. They may drive me crazy sometimes, but they are sweet and cute and seem to have a bond I just don't understand as an only child. They snuggle, think about each other, share, and say they are best friends. I hope it lasts.

Matthew also seems to be doing well in his new class, even though it is a more challenging class (transitional kindergarten instead of pre-K). We hope the teacher isn't just babysitting him and he is actually doing the work with the other kids. At least he is behaving. I know Matthew has some problems that go along with his ADHD (that's what the docs and schools think it is, and it fits), but I also think that maybe half of his problems in this year's class were teacher issues. I was glad to move him somewhere with a teacher that was willing to work a little more and flexibly in order to get the work out of him.

Could our lives be more exciting? I mean REALLY????

OH! I forgot the other good news on Friday, which left my mind with such a great anniversary evening. I mentioned I got a two grade promotion some time back. My boss finally let me know what my ranking was for my review, and that I got a raise AND a merit increase!!!

Geaux Me!
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