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Who'da Thunk It?

Ok, Gene Bob sent a funny thing around where you upload a pic of yourself (face on) and it does a simple facial comparison for what celebrities you look like. I thought this might be funny to do because of a comment absolute_lethe made that their friend Fred thought I looked like someone famous (he didn't say who, I'm guessing). In the past, I've heard Meryl Streep (hate her) and Laura Dern.

I did the comparison, and it came up fairly consistently with two stars I would never have thought I looked a thing like: Sandra Bullock, Andie McDowell and Sophie Marceau (WHO is Sophie Marceau?).

Good grief! Does anyone agree with this? Maybe I should go brunette! Here are the three pics I sent for comparison, and their celebrity compares:

Comparison 1

Comparison 2

Comparison 3

Oh, and by all means - go find out who you look like and post it!!

Lethe - ask Fred if it was any of those people *laugh*
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