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Our 10th Anniversary - Long post

My husband is the most wonderful person in the world. We started out with nothing but love - eating WAAAYYY too much red beans and rice. Entering our fifth year together (yes, we lived in sin for several years in the New Orleans area), we got married on September 23, 1995 in Buccaneer State Park in Waveland, MS.

I started the day listening to 'You're my Best Friend', by Queen, which was the song we danced to at our wedding.

I gave Scott his present, which was a nice glass-topped humidor, with the gauge on the front, included humidifier, and it will hold about 75 cigars. Not that he keeps 75 cigars, or ever will :) Also not that I'm promoting him smoking. I just know that it is something he REALLY enjoys doing on special occasions, so I wanted him to be able to treat himself on those occasions. I bought 10 really, really nice cigars to start him off. Maybe tonight we'll go out on the back patio since Rita has brought us cooler weather, and he'll have a smoke for our anniversary.

I had been told earlier in the week to go buy a new evening dress, and to be ready to leave no later than 5:45 on the 23rd. Since we had moved half of our backyard into the garage, I wasn't surprised when we went out the front door to leave. I thought he had brought the car around so I wouldn't get my dress dirty in the garage. When he opened the door, there was a black stretch limo with the driver opening the door for me!!!!! When we got in, and started driving around, Scott pulls out the next surprise - a bottle of 1999 Cristal. It was INCREDIBLE. I know why so many people like it - it is a very smooth champagne. It was a nice treat, but we both agreed we would prefer Salon or a nice Dom over it because they have a bit more body to them. We polished off the entire bottle of champagne during our ride to the restaurant.

While sitting back drinking and listening to some music, he had me close my eyes and brought out a box and placed it in my hands. It contained the most GORGEOUS diamond necklace, with lots of thought behind it. The diamonds were IGI certified, of a very high quality, and 1/2 carat total weight. Scott did something he knows is near and dear to my heart - three diamonds in a row, one big and two smaller. Since my birthday is April 8, and Michael and Matthew were born on April 13, we are all Aries and have diamonds as birthstones. I love the idea of the three diamonds, representing me and my boys. The diamonds are surrounded by 14K gold swirls, on a delicate gold chain. *swoon* We did talk about why it wasn't a ring, since that was something I have always talked about. He looked all over the place, and everyone kept trying to show him wedding ring type styles. He said he didn't WANT a wedding ring, because I already have one. We've talked about my ring before - since we were so broke when we got married, we got a rather small set. However, that is what he married me with, it means a lot to me, and NOTHING will ever replace it. Scott said he got something we could upgrade later, but I don't want to 'upgrade'. THIS is my wedding band. However, I loved the idea of a right-hand ring for an anniversary. It means a lot that he did go looking for one, but didn't find what he wanted and that he did keep my feelings about the original ring in mind. We have many more anniversaries to look for something like that.

The limo then pulled up to the Mansion at Turtle Creek. The whole staff knew it was our anniversary, and they treat you like royalty there. The food was WONDERFUL! Unmatched. Dean Fearing has this style, where he takes the ideas behind typical Southern or Mexican foods and uses unique ingredients. We got a bottle of Camus Conundrum, one of our favorite white wines, and started on a taste journey. We split two appetizers, one a lobster taco, the other buffalo shrimp with fried green tomatoes. For an entree, Scott got a filet with a peppercorn wine sauce, and I had two-way lobster: broiled lobster on a bed of creamed spinach and chicken-fried lobster with mashed potatoes. For desert, we went with a specialty of the house - a raspberry creme brulee. We also did desert drinks (yes, because a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine weren't ENOUGH!). Scott got a Madeira (I don't know how to spell that, only say it) sampler, and I had a desert wine sampler. So we each had three more glasses, only 1 1/2 ounces in each. Scott had a glass of port on top of that.

Can you actually have 10,000 calories in one sitting? I think we must have!

Fat, happy and drunk, we actually thought about taking the limo to a club or bar, but we decided it would be much nicer to just go home and snuggle :)

We made two bets last night - I'm documenting them here. The first was that I wouldn't get up this morning to be at the North Dallas Mothers of Multiples garage sale at 8:00 am. I was, so I get a foot rub. The second was in discussing Matthew having his tonsils out, which it looks like he'll need. I say they will only keep him in the hospital 1-2 nights, while Scott says 5 or more nights because he'll refuse food. If he stays less than five, I get a back rub. If he stays more than 5...Scott will be quite happy :)

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