trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

It's a double edged sword

Since I'm being a post whore tonight, I'll ask if anyone has had any experience with plantar fasciitis? We recently got an exercise bike, and a couple of times last week I did quite a bit of franctic biking. This weekend, my right heel started hurting every time I put my foot down. It hurts right where the heel meets the arch, towards the inside. It was pretty bad yesterday, but I took it easy and put ice on it. Last night, I was feeling just fine. Today, it started hurting a little, and I was out so I started walking on the ball of my foot. It got worse...and worse. I've got it up, with ice, and started looking up some things. It sounds just like plantar fasciitis, caused by the sudden increase in exercise.

Unfortunately, along with the ice, and some calf stretching, everything says rest. In other words, take it a bit easier on the biking. I really wanted to INCREASE the biking if we're going out Friday night and I'm wearing a slinky dress. I WILL work my arms, though. No way around it. :)

Anyone? Anyone?
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